Juan Castro


Just a little Work History

Travelocity: Mar2001 - Dec2009

While there:

I was responsible for maintaining
call center monitoring and storage for
that infrastructure:
    • 3 windows heads
    • 3 linux storage facilities
    • 1 database warehouse
    • 1 Tomcat webfront
And building a variety of supervisory
utilities for maintaining this agent
assessment management systems. 

Cloud Sites


Support Technician I

Assist customers with their day-to-day
troubleshooting of linux, windows and
database related questions and issues. 

Escalate appropriately any systematic
findings and retain a high flow availability
of support by resolving issues in a timely 

Support L1

Responsibilities include the previous
in addition to handling escalated customer
concerns and addressing heated 
conversations regarding support, 
technologies and deeper dives into 
customer concerns. 

Tutoring and feedback follow-ups took
place as well with technicians.

Support Shift Lead

These responsibilities included all the 
previous in addition to:
Staffing and shift arrangements
Coaching opportunities and advancements
Technical customer escalations and follow-up
Weekly performance reviews with each technician
Shift of resource assignments between phones and chats
Standardization of procedures for customer scenario
Bridge between support and operations for incidents
Liaison for other teams on management practices.

SysOps Linux I

Complete change here: 
Maintain many MySQL production servers
Manage multiple PHP clusters
Load Balancer involvement
SSL management
Redis recovery
Postfix mail queue management
DDoS mitigation/intervention
Support escalated tickets
Customer notification tickets
Adhoc tool/script generation

Cloud Services Operations

Manage multiple deployments and products
of OpenStack and child products
Build consolidated monitoring system
Escalate appropriate bug reports


Internal Github: github.rackspace.com
Github: github.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com