I am Juan Castro.
I am a Software Development Engineer
based in San Antonio, TX.


More About Juan

With an extensive background in Linux Engineering, specializing in Relational Databases and understanding the system impact of running applications and services, I offer a unique perspective. This enables me to foster seamless integration and cohesion within an ecosystem or environment that supports such software.


A family man originally from Waco, Texas, now residing in San Antonio, Texas. As a Gen X Hispanic male raised in the early 90s, I witnessed the birth of the internet and other significant technological advancements. My career began in the US Army within the medical field, but I eventually transitioned to technology.

I spent several years at Travelocity as a Database Analyst, managing the infrastructure responsible for monitoring customer calls on a global scale. At Rackspace, I started in support roles before advancing to Linux Administration (Operations) and then Software Development (Cloud Database). I played a key role in the detachment and disentanglement of underlying provisioning software for the Cloud Sites product line, facilitating its acquisition by LiquidWeb.

At Mailgun Technologies, I built and improved new products, setting new standards in the competitive landscape. Since then, I have been working as a contractor for smaller organizations and startups.

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    Rest API

My Work Experience.

October 2023 - February 2024

RSR Group

Software Developer III

As a software developer, the main objectives were to assist in the migration of data services to the newer platform as well as work within Django/Python to help build new reports for the business line. Utilize javascript/React to add additional functionality to internal lines of business.

  • Develop Git workflow productivity workflow to present to leadership in efforts to streamline development processes.
  • Work with Javascript, React, Python, Django, and MySQL to add features to the existing platform.
  • Add new reporting functionality and “Injury Assessment” forms for warehouse management.
  • Collaborate with a team of software developers with periodic meetings.
  • (React, MySQL, Python, React, Git)

July 2022 - May 2023

IQ Geo

Delivery Consultant (Contractor)

Member of multiple teams or individual contributors in the deployment of the IQGeo Geospatial software for various clients around the globe. Customization of front-end software to appeal to the clientele for the primary functionality or introduce new functionality. Introduce backend API endpoints that actively pull data from the Postgres database. Creation of a training Linux AWS environment for new hires to safely deploy the IQGeo software in a sandbox.

  • Introduce Git process workflow and standard operating procedures to the team that streamlined process and transparency with parent partners.
  • Use of Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, and Native React to customize individual deployments.
  • Setup development environment widely used for training and installation for other contributor deployments.
  • Facilitate and perform gateway analysis of team pull requests and code acceptance policy.
  • (NodeJS, Postgres, Python, React, Rhel, Git)

December 2017 - March 2022


Software Developer II, Data-Scientist/Frontend Developer

Starting with the company as a start-up, from being the 57th employee til the point where the product was acquired, many hats were worn throughout this career. Starting as a back-end developer with the data-science team to transitioning to the front-end team tasked with maturing the react codebase to its latest incarnation. Tasked with adding customer reporting flags for the ingress pipeline using Kafka, to build new products and ultimately a new facelift.

  • Pioneered email validation system that delivers 500k - 8M validations per day averaging $50k daily.
  • Liaise between support and engineering for additional feature requests.
  • Assist project management in detailed timeline breakdown for projects using Agile methodologies.
  • Mentored new hires on cultural and environmental nuances.
  • Convert Python Services into Golang for better concurrency.
  • Experience using Golang libraries for Cassandra and Protobuf.
  • Implement GDPR Compliance parameters across multiple data stores ensuring sufficient encryption safety.
  • Knowledge & Training: An upgraded knowledge base and created CS employee onboarding curriculum.
  • (Golang, Python, C*, React, Redux, TypeScript, MongoDB, Git, Docker)

June 2016 - December 2017

Liquid Web

Software Engineer II, Backend

Rearchitecting the existing provisioning software that was in charge of customer interactions for over 1.5 million websites in total. Integration across Windows-based and Linux-based Operating systems including eDir, LDAP, Apache, IIS, MySQL, MSSQL, and many more.

  • Lead back-end development and infrastructure automation by implementing CI/CD and code distribution.
  • Developed and maintained replacement Infrastructure Provisioning API in Python.
  • Migrated 400,000+ customers to new systems as part of a product acquisition with minimal downtime.
  • Automated web, service, and user provisioning system across Windows and Linux.
  • Implemented “Let's Encrypt” SSL solution and management for 100k websites within the first week.
  • (MySql, Mssql, IIS, Apache, Git, Redis, Python, Jenkins, Maven, Java, Wildfly)

What People Say.

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I have worked with Juan for several years now. He is a true problem solver, and always thinks outside the box. Juan has innate technical skills when it comes to software development; PHP, Python, and others. He prides himself in being a subject matter expert.

Luis Garcia Site Reliability Engineer, ActZero
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I had the privilege of watching Juan's professional journey from a dedicated support tech to a proficient sysadmin and growing into a proficient developer. Juan's expertise and commitment through long days and evenings was crucial in successfully upgrading a fleet of 300 MySQL systems. He held a crucial role in driving the complete rewrite of the back-end provisioning system, a testament to his innovative thinking and leadership abilities. Juan's commitment, adaptability, and drive are truly impressive, and I have no doubt that he will continue to excel and make significant strides in anything he undertakes.

Scott Coil Manager of SRE, Cisco Meraki
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Juan has single-handedly created numerous tools utilizing PHP and Python which enabled the support team to directly assist customers with tasks that would otherwise be escalated to the operations team, which both improved the quality and speed of support provided.

I will follow Juan's career with interest and can heartily recommend him to anyone who needs a forward thinker, a resourceful administrator and an innovative developer.

Matt Oglesby Staff Site Reliability Engineer, B-Stock Solutions

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